About Us

About us

We are committed to people living as valued citizens

Our Values Mission
disability team ndis
Respect for all people
Unquestionable integrity
Excellence in everything we do
Speed in servicing
disability empowerment
Empower people with disabilities & their families
Work in partnership
Provide quality & professional support
Create a positive outlook & equal access

Healthy Life Community Services – What We Stand For

We are committed to empowering individuals live a more fulfilling life with enjoyment, purpose and independence. Our prime focus is on creating a boundless list of opportunities for people with disabilities to develop new skills, build confidence and enhance social relationships.

Healthy Life Community Services, (HLCS) was started by two general practitioners after spending years in health care sector and running a Medical Centre with the primary aim of helping and impacting lives. We recognised a need for outcome-focused disability programs, and it was our dream to deliver a service with just that and we’re proud to bring this dream into fruition.

Partnership is at the heart of what we do

We believe that building a strong relationship with you and your loved ones is the key to reaching your full potential. Over the years, we at HLCS have developed a wide range of services and programs that are tailored toward disabled people. Our programs are targeted toward building relationships and partnerships. We place you  at the center of all decisions and processes to ensure that you are driving the process and support you toward independence. Our team is  passionate and respectful which is why we guarantee safe, supportive and inclusive interactions.

See the difference when you work with us

The culture at HLCS is  relaxed, friendly and inclusive of everyone. We are committed to accountability on both an individual and a collective level to ensure that we deliver the quality service that we promise. Our commitment is to work toward providing excellent service that meets the growing needs of the community allowing them to thrive.We are extremely dedicated to yielding the best results and outcomes for you and your family.

We use our core values to drive all service delivery

With our client-centered services, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people we work with. Our aim is to enhance opportunities for active support. Our belief is that everybody should be able to realise their full potential which is why we go the extra mile to help you get there.
We promise to deliver the best service for our clients and their families by delivering on our goals and embracing change and innovation at HLCS. Our ability to adapt to the changing needs of people with disability puts us at the forefront of service excellence.
To best help and serve our clients, we have a team of dedicated and highly experienced staff who are ready to support you and build meaningful and respectful relationships. Understanding how we work together to build positive relationships and achieve your goals is our priority.
• Freedom - Our clients should be able to take charge of their own lives.
• Money and financial freedom
• Community and building healthy relationships.
• Your health and wellness.