Our Services

Our services

You know your life better than anyone else

Healthy Life Community Serivices (HLCS) is a fully NDIS registered provider, with a comprehensive range of services  that range from personal care to house cleaning to getting involved in the community and making connections. Our services contribute significantly to the lives of families and carers. 

Live life your way! You’re absolutely the one in charge and we pride ourselves on listening to your needs, questions or concerns and suggestions.

Our promise to you

We are with you every step of your journey. Our focus is on helping our clients grow their abilities and make their own decisions. All our services are guided by respect and compassion  and our interactions are welcoming and professional so you feel safe and comfortable enough to let us into your home. Our flexibility means we fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and do what works for you. 

One part you might like about us is that, we are not uniformed. We are one of the few providers that rely on genuine connections to speak for our organisation. That says a lot about the extent we will go to make sure that you are comfortable. Our aim is to remove barriers, after all this is about you!

Healthy Life Community Services

Our passion is helping the people we support to grow and flourish in their home and community. Explore our range of services by clicking below for more information.

We know that you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own home and we will indeed try to fit seamlessly into your home. You can be rest assured.
At Healthy Life Community Services, we provide Respite, centre based and overnight accommodation and Support for our NDIS Participants. Our short time accommodation affords respite to carers and family members so everyone can feel refreshed and empowered.
The goal of the nursing assessment is to develop a comprehensive care plan that addresses the person’s individual needs and helps them to manage their health condition effectively.
We have life skills programs, school leaving support programs, and employment opportunity programs just for you. Our programs are very flexible and provide you with a variety of options so that you feel as free as possible.
Assistance with daily personal tasks to develop skills that enable you to live as independently as possible. We support your daily personal activities and cater for your individual needs as we know each person has different requirements. Our excellent staff will ensure you get quality support services.
We also make sure that our customers and individuals who patronise our service are adequately connected and involved in the community as a whole. This is because we acknowledge that we humans are social beings and therefore feel an intense need to be a part of a community. No matter the stage you are at in life, HLCS is the support you need to stay connected.
We assist mental health clients with access to the community. Our goal is to make sure that you remain as happy and mentally healthy as possible regardless of your disability.

At HLCS we are very committed to working you on issues that relate to the mind and mental health. We will absolutely give you all the support that you need in order to take life at your own pace. We are the support you need for the even the most mundane things like making friendships and career matters.