In Home Support

You know your life better than anyone else. We work with you to get you where you want to go

Healthy Life Community Services offers the world a wide range of services that range from personal care to house cleaning to getting involved in the community and making connections. Our services are very important to families and carers because we make significant contributions to the lives of our customers.

Healthy Life Community Services will work with you to be provide you with the best service that you need. You’re absolutely the one in charge. You just tell us what

to do and state what your needs are. We are extremely dedicated to people and want to help build individuals that that can grow into their abilities and make their own decisions.

Also, for whatever service it is that you want, you need to feel comfortable enough to let us into your home. You should feel comfortable because it is our joy to see you being utterly happy and we really do want to fit seamlessly into your life. One part you might like about us is that, we are not uniformed. No, we don’t wear uniforms neither are our organisation cars branded. That says a lot about the extent we will go to make sure that you are comfortable.

Our Different Services

In-Home Support

We know that you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own home and we will indeed try to fit seamlessly into your home. You can be rest assured.

Recovery Support

Life happens and sometimes, these sad events that happen in life, albeit once in a while, might be strong enough to throw us off course. And let’s be honest, it is usually very hard to get back on course when one has been knocked off balance however Healthy Life Community Services promises to be the recovery support you need.

Community Support We also make sure that our customers and individuals who patronise our service are adequately connected and involved in the community as a whole. This is because we acknowledge that we humans are social beings and therefore feel an intense need to be a part of a community. No matter the stage you are at in life, Healthy Life Community Services is the support you need to stay connected.

You can do it all yourself…